Rev. Fr. Benny Konooran CST

Date of birth 28-February-1973
First profession 17-May-1994
Ordination day 28-April-2004
Died on 21-May-2021
Parish of origin Manikkadav
Diocese of origin Metropolitan Archeparchy of Tellicherry

Rev. Fr. Theophane Kilianthara CST

Date of birth 23-October-1931
First profession 17-May-1950
Ordination day 01-June-1956
Died on 21-March-2016
Parish of origin Chalil
Diocese of origin Major Archeparchy of Ernakulam-Angamaly

Rev. Fr. Scaria Plathottam

Date of birth 18-December-1939
Ordination day 11-November-1969
Died on 18-January-2007

Rev. Fr. Jose Annasseril

Date of birth 13-October-1976
Ordination day 24-May-2003
Died on 14-October-2003

Rev. Fr. Jean Maria Vianney OFM Cap.

Date of birth 15-April-1920
Ordination day 15-June-1946
Died on 26-October-1998

Rev. Fr. Joseph Thoomkuzh CST

Date of birth 26-June-1959
Feast day March, 19
First profession 17-May-1986
Ordination day 15-May-1986
Died on 17-July-1986
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